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Explore professions - find yourself! 

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What? is the ultimate modern library of professions. Here, everyone who doesn't know what his dream job is or just needs more information for a short list of jobs, can find it! Young people can understand what is the reality about each of the long list of professions just by watching a video about "A Day in the Life of", where details about the daily routine, career path and advice are shared.


First, there isn't enough information for the reality behind the scenes! Second, the list of careers that a young person has a touch of, is short! Too short to make a life-building decision! Third, because of lack of information many don't even know what are the responsibilities of the job they have already chosen. As a result, people struggle to enjoy a great career later and companies "educate" them after the education.




The "Seekers" are those who get the opportunity to watch thousands of videos for different professions and maybe even contact a "ProfessGuide" and ask questions.  "ProfessGuides" are the amazing professionals who record one day of their routine with focus on their job. They share experience and knowledge, they inspire.


Seekers can just sign in and get access to these videos - models of the future! 

Explore professions by watching the videos and find your future self! 

ProfessGuides start by signing in and maybe watching some great example videos. They get access to a document with only 5 steps of action and a document with more detailed explanations.



Image by Jeremy Beadle

 Chief executives, senior officials and legislators

Image by Scott Graham

 Administrative and commercial managers

Image by Hunters Race

Production and specialized services managers

Image by Headway

Hospitality, retail and other services managers

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Science and engineering professionals

Image by Microsoft Edge

IT and communications technology professionals

Image by Andrew Neel

Legal, social and cultural professionals

Image by Trnava University

Teaching professionals

Image by Medienstürmer

Business and administration professionals

Image by Christina @

IT and communications technicians

Image by Jakob Owens

Legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals

Image by Austrian National Library


Image by Ryan Porter

Drivers and mobile plant operators

To come


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