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Yoanna Laleva Founder


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Date of Birth:

July 22, 2005




A Bit About Me & Professbook

“So, what is your dream job?” – This is the most torturous question for a young person who has so many interests and the entire world out there. In 10th grade, answering this question became a problem for me, so I set out on a quest for its solution. 


When I searched for information on professions, I realized that I could only find their ideal versions on the screen. What I wanted was a library where I could search for professions and get details that would help me find the fit for me. Maybe even a place where I could interact with adults who already built their careers and ask them questions! 


I continue developing the site so that young people like me can get the information they need to answer the worst question in their life!

Work Experience

Professbook comes true!

High School was born in 2022 in  the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today I work hard on the formation of a team, connecting with people, and collecting information to give Seekers the chance to make the best choice for their future and help employers get people who know what are doing.

After graduating from middle school in First Private Mathematical High School in Sofia, I continued my education in the American College in Sofia. In middle school, I got the basics of mathematical thinking and logic. In the American College in Sofia, I worked on my English and life and professional skills.

The Ego's Path Book of Poetry


Special Thanks to...

Vasil Egov - Rotamentor, Interact Club 2022

Milena Peicheva - AbleMentor 2023

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