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ProfessBook is the ultimate source of information about the careers of people all over the world checked for accuracy and sorted in the best possible  way for you! Adults with amazing jobs present one day in their work in short videos answering main questions for their career. 


You want to know what you would like to work, right? Maybe at least direction or a point to start from? Well, you are not alone. There are too many clever and gifted people in this world who just don't have the needed information for success... until now.



There are two categories here:



The "Seekers" are those who take the opportunity to watch thousands of videos for different professions and ask questions. On the other side are the "ProfessGuides" are those who volunteer to record one day in their job, the profession inspirators.

Interesting, enjoyable, usable, accessible, accurate and HELPFUL. Just go to the "sign in" options, take one, and have a great and beneficial time of research. Invest in your FUTURE. If you are a volunteer just send an email to: professbook@gmail.com and see how to record your usual day! 


Explore professions by watching the videos and find yourself!